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Kitchen Project (June 2004 - Nov 2004)

What a brutal project.  I never knew how critical the kitchen was until ours was destroyed.  We returned home from vacation one night to find a couple of inches of water in the kitchen.  The water line on the refrigerator had ruptured and leaked for days.  We stripped the kitchen down to the joists and rebuilt a gorgeous kitchen.  Joanne was the foreman.  Several months later, and many dollars over budget, she got just what she wanted.  If it happens again, we are moving.

    Old kitchen... in case you never saw it.
    Can you see the waves in the floor?

    Mike is installing the new sub-floor.

Done at last... with the sub floor.

Demolition... go ahead, ask why we had to redo the ceiling.

Tile floor going in...
Cabinets going in...
Drum roll please.... the finished kitchen!!
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Last revised: 1 Jan 07