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June Vacation 2004

We went on a trip in June up to Michigan for Parker III's baptism.  During the trip we went to Budd Lake and Higgins Lake.  We then took a trip to the mountains in Asheville, NC.  Of course, these trips were wrought with peril as during them; our kitchen flooded, the brakes went out on the car, and Matt had an "accident" (see below).


Joanne and Joe enjoying the beach at Higgins Lake.


Joey hanging out at the beach.


Dan is clearing off the table that Matt has gotten stuck in as the janitorial staff prepares to cut him out of the table with their saw.  (I'm not kidding)

    Sign at the riding stable... great motto.

    Maggie wanted this one...

    ...then decided this was more her size.

    So Ray got the big one...

    ...which was fine with Matt.


Off we go.

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Last revised: 16 Oct 04