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Around the House (Apr 2005)

April was a busy month for the family.


We took a trip to the Natural History museum.  The dinosaurs were a big hit.


Matt studying his book before church one morning.


Ray working on some homework being silly.

We went to see the circus with the cub scouts.  No pictures inside, so this is it.


Maggie went to a costume party for her friend's birthday.  She is a Care Bear.

Matt and Maggie on a car trip one afternoon.

Maggie was pouting one night, refusing to go to bed.  She fell asleep on the stairs.  Probably not the safest, but it was hilarious.


Ray playing with the hose.

Joey found the costume bin after Maggie's party and decided to try on the bumblebee.

Ray and Matt reading together before bed.


Maggie and Joe love to hang out.


Maggie and Ray at Memere's house before Easter Mass.

    Lisa also sent us some pictures this month.  Parker III is getting ready for spring ball.

    He sure does love syrup.

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