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Mighty Mite Football (Sep 2005)

Ray played Might Mite Football this year for the Raleigh Park and Rec Department.  He was on the Panthers.  It was his first year as a 7 year old in the 6 - 8 year old group.  He wants to play again next year, and Matt does as well.  Football challenged mom and dad with 4 practices a week and games on Saturday.


Ray and Joe are suited up for the game.  Joe has his tailgating equipment in his backpack.


While Ray (#40) and the team warm up, the fans watch a little pre-game movie complete with popcorn.


Matt helps Joe at the water fountain.  Next year, Joe will be on his own because Matt will be on the field.


Ray (#40) is in all these pictures.  Sometimes it is like "Where's Waldo" out there.


He is walking towards #4 on the left and he is kneeling on the right.


He is lining up at right end (on his knees) on the left, and "filling the gap" at the bottom of the pile on the right.

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Last revised: 16 Oct 04