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Tranquility Bay Visit (Sep 2005)

Joanne and Mike have been attending a series of workshops as part of Dan's program at Tranquility Bay.  After 10 months, and 4 seminars for Joanne and Mike, their 5th seminar to them to Jamaica to see and face Dan for the first time.  Overall, the trip went very well.  There were some difficult and emotional moments, but we believe that a lot of progress was made.  With Dan approaching his 18th birthday, and the authority to walk out on his own, this was a critical trip.

There is only one road to the other side of the island. We were caught behind a tractor for a couple of miles.  We were then stopped by the army (not kidding), where 5 soldiers pulled us over at an armed checkpoint and questioned the driver.  I thought we were goners.

The hurricane claimed yet another victim.  They will just leave the boat there.

Dan was finding a fresh almond from the almond tree at lunch during a break.

It was great to be able to see Dan, and realize that he was happy to see us.


Here are some nice family shots during a break.  Somebody must have said something funny!?!?

Dan and a buddy.  Don't tell me he isn't happy there.


Taking a break at lunchtime.


It is hard to imagine you can get tired of Dan's view every night... if you can ignore the barbwire.

A shot of Dan and Joanne looking into the sunset.


A couple of nice pictures at the end of a great day.


This is Ms. Leone Roache, Dan's family representative.  She spends the most time with Dan, and talks to Joanne every week on the phone, and even more regularly on email.  She is fantastic and it was a pleasure to meet her after speaking with her for 10 months.


There isn't a lot to do on this side of the island.  This is a remote area.  We spent a lot of time watching the sand crabs.  Of course, with a few Red Stripes, this gets very entertaining...

...especially when these birds swoop in and try to catch them.

Joanne was pretty tense, so we thought if she got her hair done, it would help her relax.  Once we found the salon, we changed our mind.

Talk about your fresh seafood... if this was a movie, you would see them moving.


We had a nice campfire one night on the beach with 3 other families.

Look, a coconut lying on the beach.  The neighbor's tree dropped this in our yard.

Here's a cool picture of a lizard on a tree outside of our rental house.

Unfortunately there were plenty inside also.


Every see the movie Cool Runnings?  This replica bobsled is in the airport.

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