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Matt's New Room (Jan 2006)

Matt moved into Joe's nursery room, so he was the next up for decorating.  Matt wanted to live in "Jurassic Park".  Again, we tried to make it educational.  Joanne did a phenomenal job.

This is the view when you walk in the room.  Notice the vines hanging from the ceiling in front of the door.


This is a mural that Joanne painted on the wall.  She used some stickers for dinosaurs that she found on the internet.

This is the outside wall.  Joanne made the curtains.  There are some educational posters around the room as well.


Here is the bed.  Joanne made the bedspread.  Notice the plants at the headboard and footboard to help Matt believe he is in the jungle.  Educational posters hang over the bed.


Another couple of shots of the mural.


Some close-ups of the outside wall.

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