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Around the House Pictures

potty.jpg (68265 bytes) Ray is doing great!

feeding.jpg (38303 bytes) Ray helps out with the feedings.

boys.jpg (33474 bytes)  This is my favorite.

picture8.jpg (72847 bytes)  Matt gets a hug from Ray.

picture10.JPG (25685 bytes)  Ray entertains Mike, Michelle, Ray and Jack!

picture11.JPG (34357 bytes)  Ray plays in the pool at Memere and Pepere's house.

et_photo.jpg (19921 bytes)  Kind of reminds you of ET, huh?

picture2.jpg (45650 bytes)  I like this one!

picture3.jpg (50056 bytes)  Cuddin' Molly (right) and Sister Laura stop by.

picture4.jpg (45810 bytes)  Here is a good one of Jack and Ray!

picture5.jpg (45835 bytes)  Ray like to jump on daddy.

Jackray.gif (91933 bytes)  This is an older picture of Ray.

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Last revised: 10/15/09