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Lions Review (6-10) - Maybe next year

Another brutal year to be a Lions fan.  With injuries to Rogers and Bailey early, the season looked bleak.  Great years out of Williams and Jones, the future looks bright.  There is only one question...

...what to do about Joey.

College Football

Most of you have heard me complain about the various polls for College Football.  I have attached a page that shows my current rankings for College Football, it involves two factors, schedule strength (from the Sagarin ratings) and # of losses.  It's simple, play a tough schedule and you are rewarded.

It is starting to shape-up, and most of the top teams are in both the ESPN and my poll.  With the BCS coming out this week, it will be interesting to see how all 3 polls compare. 

Olympics (Summer - 2000)

I know the Olympics are over, but these are great.

Much attention has been placed on the Olympic athletes the past couple of weeks, and sometimes we forget about those that didn't make it to Australia.  Let's take a look at 3 athletes who had a chance to win medals in Australia, but didn't make it.

  • To view a potential gold medal performance in Woman's Gymnastics - Click Gold
  • To view a potential silver medal performance in Men's Gymnastics - Click Silver
  • To view a potential bronze medal performance in Men's Gymnastics - Click Bronze

(These are large, be patient.  You need to let the whole thing download before you view it.)

On a serious note, did anyone see "the dunk" during the basketball game.  If not - Click Dunk

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Last revised: 15 Oct 2009